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clean energy competition

Unleashing Clean Energy Competition WITH MICHAEL PICKER Unleashing Clean Energy Competition Putting It All Together: Michael Picker, former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, speaks about expanding the clean energy economy and unleashing competition in a regulated environment at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment in Palo Alto, California. VIDEO TOPIC / KEYWORDS: Investment, California, Clean …

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startups transform sustainability

Startups Transform Sustainability MANAL YAMOUT Startups Transform Sustainability Putting It All Together: Manal Yamout, former Senior Vice President of Policy, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), discusses AMS’s building to grid energy management platform, which designs, optimizes, aggregates and manages behind-the-meter distributed energy resources at the Berkeley Philomathia Forum in Berkeley, California. VIDEO TOPIC / KEYWORDS: Distributed Energy Resources, …

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Full Retail Choice WITH MICHAEL PICKER Full Retail Choice Putting It All Together: Michael Picker, former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, discusses the relevant developments and implications around expanding retail choice in California at the Advanced Energy Economy’s Pathway to 2050 conference. VIDEO TOPIC / KEYWORDS: Energy, Community Choice Aggregators, Modern Grid



Utilidata Bringing Open-Source Artificial Intelligence to the Grid Edge THE PROBLEM: As the edge of the grid becomes exponentially more complex with high penetrations of electric vehicles, distributed solar, batteries, heat pumps and extreme weather, utilities will need real-time visibility and decentralized decision-making. Without distributed artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, electric distribution utilities will struggle to …

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cross party lessons

Cross-Party Lessons MICHAEL PICKER Cross-Party Lessons Putting It All Together: Michael Picker, former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, and Tim Echols, Commissioner at the Georgia Public Service Commission, discuss the transition to clean energy at the GreenBiz Verge Conference. VIDEO TOPIC / KEYWORDS: Clean Energy Transition, Public Policy, California, State Policy Advisors

sunrun Case Study


SUNRUN Advising America’s Largest Home Solar Provider on How to Prepare for the Future THE PROBLEM: Policies and regulations that were appropriate at the start of an industry adjust over time. Clean energy technologies are at various stages of maturity and those that came first, like rooftop solar, are also among the first to see …

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CRUISE Developing New Regulatory Frameworks and Permitting Pathways for Autonomous Vehicles THE PROBLEM: Regulations often have a hard time keeping up with advances in clean technology. Regulatory processes are slow and bureaucratic by design to ensure that a robust vetting and public process occurs before massive changes are implemented. However, this can cause a significant …

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charm industrial

Charm Industrial

CHARM INDUSTRIAL Helping a World Leading Start-Up Update Market Rules to Reflect a Changing Clean Technology Landscape THE PROBLEM: Understanding the myriad of regulations and policies is complicated. Regulations and policies are especially complicated for startups that are not only new companies but are also introducing new and disruptive technologies to the market. Charm Industrial …

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