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Helping a World Leading Start-Up Update Market Rules to Reflect a Changing Clean Technology Landscape


Understanding the myriad of regulations and policies is complicated. Regulations and policies are especially complicated for startups that are not only new companies but are also introducing new and disruptive technologies to the market. Charm Industrial and Caliber are working together to update regulatory incentives and programs to include Charm’s innovative carbon sequestration technology. With a particular focus on the California Air Resources Board and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Charm and Caliber are working together to update market rules to reflect what’s happening in the market.


Charm is a fast-growing company removing carbon through a patented method of converting biomass into bio-oil and sequestering it deep underground.


Caliber worked with Charm to create a go-to-market strategy in California. Introducing a new company, a new technology and laying the groundwork for significant regulatory changes takes a comprehensive strategy. This includes everything from general education to developing specific language changes for various regulations.

Caliber has successfully introduced Charm to key decision makers, built partnerships, facilitated tours of their facilities, prepared Charm for giving public testimony, worked with partners to ensure the whole suite of needed published material is prepared and developed a strategy for deployment in the State.



Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Removal, California Air Resources Board, Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Clean Technology Advocacy


Regulations do not often keep pace with rapid advancements in clean technology. This requires new approaches to updating old market rules and programs.

Startups have unique regulatory challenges that require an A-Z market development and regulatory strategy.

Working with Caliber, Charm is implementing a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to successfully grow their business in California and across the country.